Out in the Barn

Out in the Barn     December 2008

Growing up when we were looking for dad my mom would always say he was “out in the barn”.  So when I was trying to think of a name for this Christmas card Tom suggested just that.  The barn smells and the vision of dust beams coming through the hayloft windows can be conjured up in an instant when I think of the barn where we spent so much of our childhood days.  Dad was always out there tinkering while the barn swallows added accompaniment to the country tunes on his radio.

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3 Responses to Out in the Barn

  1. Tom says:

    What a great artist!!!

  2. Lissa Steioff says:

    Karen’s work is beautiful!!! She has a knack for detail.

  3. cindy stephens says:

    Imagine my surprise when I opened this site and found this picture of my Uncle Sam’s barn. Certainly some of my most favorite memories took place in that very yard. Chicken legs, swinging on vines, hide and go seek, catching lightening bugs, making a tent with blankets over the table .. . . . . . . . . . What a beautiful job you’ve done!
    I also like some of the others that bring back memories of my own. You are so right about grandpa’s trees. They were bad sometimes, and I didn’t get to see that many.
    How wonderful to catch up on this part of your life! Keep painting! Love from your little cousin Cindy.

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