Abandoned Truck

Lonley Dell Ranch is a historic site located in Lee’s Ferry, Arizona north of the Colorado River.  We stumbled upon it while exploring the Glen Canyon on the northern rim of the Grand Canyon.  It was built by John Lee in 1873 whose family operated Lee’s Ferry across the Colorado.  One of his 17 wives (!) gave it the name “Lonely Dell” as it was such an isolated location.  Lee built an irrigation system from the Paria River and there is still an old peach orchard  which was a treat to discover during our exploration.  I love old trucks and this one which had been abandoned at the ranch really was a work of art.  The door propped against it had become a canvas painted by the sun and arid climate.  I was disappointed in the stuggle to recreate it.  Watercolorists would say it was “overworked”, as I tried to get the feel of it.  But in this case I was competing with nature’s paintbrush, huger talent than even Wyeth himself….so I give myself a little break 🙂

Postscript: I am reading Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer about the fundamentalist Mormon faith.  Turns out Brigham Young sent John Lee to this remote area after excommunicating him because he feared John would tell the secrets of the violence and polygamous practices of the church. Only two of his wives actually stayed with him at the desolate outpost! (7/30/12)

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