Doin What We Do

 I had been noticing these cows on the route I take on my road bike.  They were always under two huge oak trees each morning.  So I decided to take my camera to get some shots. I had to hide my bike, cross over a ditch, and step over poison ivy plants to get to the barbed wire.  I didn’t want to cross over in fear of spooking them. ( I had done that once with my grandpa’s cows which resulted in uncles running and broken fences.  I remember the relief when grandpa thought it was funny and the teasing I got.)

Cows act so nonchalantly indifferent to the world. Every one of them were aware of my presence, but were not about to let me know they saw me.  All except for the calf…I loved how he was looking at me with outright surprise and curiosity.

So I did this for me, for fun, because I loved those cows. It was done on watercolor canvas which doesn’t allow much detail and helps me try to have a looser style.   Not the best painting, but Sarah Jo has already claimed it. . . . just wish she had the memories to go with it.


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  1. Sarah Jo says:

    I absolutely love this one! I’m so incredibly lucky to have such a talented mother. Love you Ma.

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