Fountain County Courthouse Ram Statue

    For my friends and readers who are not from small towns :  The county courthouses in Indiana are usually located in the “square” and are the grandest buildings in the town.  The courthouse in Covington is surrounded by antique stores, diners, the lawyer, the two bars,and the one grocery in the town.  I miss the smells of the old Faust and Frey Hardware, the old bank, and of course the Lyric theatre where I saw my first big screen movies.  These are gone, but the one place that has survived through the changes is the heart of the town………my Uncle Dale’s barber shop!  For any readers who remember him as a math teacher and principal….you know that we are talking about a man who loves to tell stories and loves to laugh.  So the shop is where you come to laugh, to rehash the basketball games,  share jokes, and hear the latest town news (I won’t call it gossip).   You may or may not get an eight dollar haircut, but you get to relax and entertain, or be entertained by Dale.  The “Dale haircut” hasn’t changed for all the years the shop has been there, and we used to love when Jake would get one with the big white cloth  covering him.                                                                                                                       A friend once said Covington sounds like a Norman Rockwell painting.  I know it is easy to romanticize small town living when you have moved to city suburbs.  But I still think it is a special place with beauty and comforts that a lot of small towns don’t afford. 

As far as the painting……..I took this picture of one of the ram/pegasus statues around the courthouse a few years back and thought it would be a good one to practice shading and values.  I would love to know the history behind it. 




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