Clawson Estate

I was so happy to paint this wonderful house for my cousin Greg and his wife, Jane.  They have put hours and hours into preserving and nurturing the elegance of this hundred plus year old house in Indiana.  I am so impressed with all they have done, and with their enthusiasm for keeping the furnishings and feel of the place in the era in which it belongs.  I wouldn’t want to be up against Greg at an estate auction!………..He knows what he wants and they both have an eye for treasures others might overlook. I’m looking forward to going with them one day and they know I want to sit on that porch with a glass of tea and  take in the feel of Indiana.  (transplanted Hoosiers know what I mean) 

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  1. Greg & Jane Clawson says:

    We were so excited to get the big box in mail yesterday!!!!We cannot begin to express the gratitude to you for the fabulous job you did on the painting. the notecards are special too! We know you put a lot of time into this project. Next time We’ll try to find a simple gate!!!!!! Our home is filled with many family treasures and some from auctions,yard sales and even dumptsers!!!!!!!!! We want you to know your painting will probably hang in the parlor over the fireplace. We now have two priceless paintings hanging in the house……..Yours and one hanging over the fireplace in the living room painted by one of the artist who painted one of the murals in the Fountain County Courthouse…….pretty good company….Again thanks and porch is open,come on up………..greg & jane

  2. admin says:

    Love you guys, thanks for the comment and the invitation. I’m there. Karen

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