Kate’s Maine Lighthouse

Kate's LighthouseMy friend Kate turned 60 in September……..3 months ahead of me.  I like the term “aged” rather than “old”, but I think we are both struggling with this one.  They say it’s only a number, but I don’t like this number!  I don’t feel wiser, in fact I feel like throwing a little tantrum and acting very immature about it.  I will work on my resolve instead, and add this to my list of places to see.  I painted it for Kate as it was one of the places she had been to on the northeastern coast where she grew up.  One thing I do know is that friends and laughter help keep you healthy and feeling young.  There is a little 60 year old wisdom for you!

“and if you’re further up the road, can you show me what I still can’t see”       John Mayer

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