Vacation Memories

These were commissioned and painted from a friend’s family vacation photographs.

The blues in this painting really were this brilliant in the photo taken in St. Thomas.  Once again………. I would rather paint on-site!!:)

(Seriously, take me with you….you won’t know I’m there.)

St. Thomas

This was from a photo taken of the dunes at Watercolor, Florida.  The photo had a turtle probably protecting it’s eggs, but I wasn’t brave enough to try to capture that image!

Watercolor dunes

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2 Responses to Vacation Memories

  1. MaryLou says:

    Love your work. I am so proud of you! A true artist keeps painting–that’s you!! Wish I could paint with you!!

    • admin says:

      I wish I could paint with you! You continue to inspire me, your students, and everyone who knows you. My respect and my thankfulness for you runs deep. Thanks you your comment! Karen

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