Michigan Dairy Farm

My son-in-law’s memories of growing up helping his grandpa run the family dairy formed a  big part of his character….resulting  in his work ethic and love of family.  He describes huge meals prepared by his grandma for the large family, and even the whole football team, that were legendary.  They reminded me of the meals I had at my grandparents…….they weren’t just about appreciating the fried chicken that had been laying eggs earlier that morning.  There were the stories and the laughter, and more stories long after the food was eaten.  Nobody left the table to check phones or turn on the television.  That just didn’t happen.  The euchre games did roll around eventually, but that just involved more laughter and stories.

So anyway, when my daughter and son-in-law asked me to paint the milking parlor and barn that  were on the farm, I loved the idea.  The buildings on a family farm hold so many memories……..hard to explain to someone who didn’t grow up this way.  But the love of the land, of hard work, and for family were so entwined.  Hoping there are still children today who will have these memories.

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