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Thank you for visiting this web site.  My children, Jake and Sarah Jo,  set this up for me as a 2010 Christmas present and I have had a lot of fun working on it so far!  I intend to use it for friends and family to see my work and to be able to blog my memories.    I am still not comfortable calling myself an artist, but I love the drive to be better and learn from the amazing artists I have known and follow.  After 35 years of teaching I have now retired, so I should have time to keep learning and discovering what I can do.  Thank you to Marylou Andrews, a great teacher of art and life, for her encouragement. And thank you to Mark and Meg Aubrey, who told me to “keep painting” when they saw my first attempts to capture life and memories in watercolor.  They were absolutely correct with the advice and I read the same advice repeatedly from other accomplished artists.

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  1. maryann strickland says:

    Karen, I am Nancy B’s friend, Maryann. You most definitely ARE an artist! These watercolors are incredible. Each is so different and full of expression. Don’t ever put that paintbrush down!

  2. David Chandler says:

    I first met Karen Boyd through her husband, Tom in Houston, Texas 1980. Tom and I became close friends and I consider him like my brother. I have seen Tom, Karen and their family grow through the years and cherish the time spent with them all.
    Karen has a grace and beauty about her that radiates and is matched only by her kindness and capacity for tolerance (especially her tolerance of me!)
    She has a keen sense of observation, even the smallest details and the talent to translate those observations to her art. Her artistic talent is not limited to painting. Teaching is also an art and she has passed from that venue into this new creative challenge. Yes, Karen you are an artist. If you are lucky enough to live in the Atlanta area, seek her out.
    In the words of Texas artist, Lyle Lovett, “they just don’t come no better than the bear”.

  3. Jane Hunter says:

    To the artist…. I like them all and that’s not just because you’re my sister. I love you!

  4. John Trott says:

    I was admiring “Out In The Barn” and asked your Mom who painted it for her. She eagerly brought me up to date on her quite talented daughter. Super watercolors. I would hope a Covington exhibition might be a possibility.

  5. Sharon Murphy says:

    I’m so glad your mom told me about your website. I most certainly think you are an artist!

  6. Karen- I have had the pleasure of coming across your website via your Mother. As you remember Bill and I were in school together and he has followed my art for years. I love your work and now that I see it you should definately continue on. As a working professional artist I have had little time to do “art” as a hobby. It has always been a business for me. I like that you are incorporating your memories of things that inspire you along with your art pieces. The painting of Portland Arch is a great and wonderful tribute to your Father. Good luck and just keep painting!

  7. John W Jurss says:

    Miller, as we used to call her back in the day of the Quad! She is beautiful inside and out. Tom and Karen are some of the finest to ever come out of Purdue, they both have lots to give and I expect great things from Jake & Sarah Jo! I could go on & on but to sum it up “I love the Boyds”


  8. Mary S Saul says:

    I am so glad you told me about your website You when we spoke this evening, I love all of your paintings!!! No wonder I loved the one of Duke today. You are definitely an artist in my humble opinion. I look forward to meeting you.

  9. Christy Henry says:

    Hey, Cousin!
    Your artwork is amazing!
    I am so proud of you!
    Greg and Jane’s house is truly a beautiful architectural accomplishment.
    I’m personally partial to your lovely reflective still life pictures,
    But my favorite painting is Portland Arch…for your interesting composition, rock patterns and colors. Such a beautiful tribute to your Dad!
    Keep up the wonderful work!
    Yes, dear cousin, you are an artist!

  10. dona hodges says:

    What a joy to happen on this site. You are an amazingly talented artist and person! I have enjoyed so much the one you did of our home. Keep painting.

    • admin says:

      Dona-Coming from a true artist like you and one of my most respected and favorite people, this means a lot. Hope you are still working with clay and canvas!! Karen

  11. Melanie Holland says:

    Karen – your work is beautiful, of course!!! Looks like you are enjoying retirement! You were such an amazing teacher and I know you will be greatly missed! You are still one of Ryan’s favorites! He learned so much from you, especially how to express himself! Keep painting and posting!
    Melanie Holland

    • admin says:

      Melanie-What a great surprise to hear from you. Thank you for making my day…….Ryan was one of my favorites, too. I’m sure he is doing great. Karen

  12. Janyce Nielsen Smith says:

    Your work is absolutely wonderful, Karen! And your comments about them are just as delightful. I am so thankful that Judy told me about your new, second career. What talent you have! Would love to hear from you sometime.

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